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Scheduled: June 5-6, 2021

Amwell Ridge Farm - Ringoes, NJ

Join Us for 2 Days of Transformational Horsemanship with World-renowned Trainer and Clinician, Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dear Friend,

I think most of us start this journey with horses as something of a calling. 

There is something about these beautiful creatures that begs us to be near them.

We dream of that fairy-tale friendship with our horses. One where we resonate so deeply with each other, it's like we're also in step, walking together as one.

For those of us who were lucky enough to come to horses as children, we often find a version of that magic with our horses.

Dr. Maria & her Marwari stallion, Baba, playing together

But for whatever reason, we grow up, take on the responsibilities of "real life"... 

Maybe even take a break from horses....

And suddenly, it's gone. We're struggling to squeeze rides in between work and family commitments. 

Our horses seem to have more behavioral issues than we remember with our childhood steeds. We try to rule our physical causes with vet workups, we look for new trainers, purchase new supplements & tools...

For those of us lucky enough to skip the behavioral issue roulette our friends are stuck in, there are other traps.

So often, as we chase our goals, the fun and magic start to slip away...

And working with our horses becomes just that - work.

For our horses too.

I want to show you another way. 

If you're wanting to bring the magic, the fun, the enjoyment back into your horsemanship, I think you'll be interested in our upcoming clinic at my Amwell Ridge Farm, here in Ringoes, NJ.

More details are below. I hope you'll consider joining us either as an auditor or a participant, and take that first step towards putting the magic back in your riding.

As they say - Life is too short not to enjoy your horse!

In gratitude and lightness,

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Welcome to Horses with Dr. Maria

June 5-6 at Amwell Ridge Farm in Ringoes, New Jersey

Dr. Maria’s unique teaching style, personal assessment insights, and use of modern tools like the Equicizer and other biofeedback equipment, have helped thousands of horses and humans move better, perform better, and communicate better.

You'll Begin Learning the Foundation to...

  • Transform lunging into a tool that connects you and your horse immediately - instead of sending them in frantic circles.
  • Go beyond natural horsemanship to the roots of classical in-hand work to establish true balance in movement, using methods that are timeless.
  • ​Gauge the emotional state and comfort of your horse and how to create a positive experience in every interaction you have with your horse.
  • ​Decode what your body is telling you (biofeedback) to improve your interactions with the horse, how breathing is vital to riding, and why energy matters with horses.
  • Set yourself up for a better ride, a balanced seat, and how to unlock the joy  in your riding- and ditch the fear during your ride or on the ground handling
  • ​Start developing your intuition, feel, and ability to predict your horse's reactions, so you can avoid potential disasters and turn them into a positive training moments.
  • ​And more...!

About Your Clinician:

Dr. Maria Katsamanis

Dr. Maria Katsamanis has received worldwide recognition as a horse trainer, clinician, exhibition rider, and author. 

With a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, Dr. Maria uses her education as a clinical scientist to help demystify and explain the elements of the magical formula that are key in establishing the ultimate connection with our horses. 

Dr. Maria's background in biofeedback and psychophysiology is central to her training approach, “Molecular Equitation,”  examines the connection between horse and rider on a molecular level and focuses on improving such basic elements as balance and relaxation, muscle formation, and breathing behavior to dissipate physical blocks and facilitate communication.

Her explanations melt away the barriers and myths that so commonly block communication between horse and rider, so that anyone, regardless of age, breed, or discipline, can create magic with their horses. 

Dr. Maria is known around the world for book, The Alchemy of Lightness, and is highly regarded for her work with the rare Marwari horses. 

A highly sought-after clinician both in the U.S. and abroad, Dr. Maria uses her career in transforming horses and creating soundness in non-profit, Friends For Pegasus, which she founded in 2016 with the mission of rehabilitating "hopeless" horses.

Maria's work has been featured in publications including Dressage Today, Holistic Horse, Sidelines News, Horsetalk NZ, and interviewed by the likes of Jane Savoie, among others.

She continues to maintain an appointment as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Rutgers Medical School.

Join us for a 2-day Clinic 
in Ringoes, New Jersey!

You’ll  learn timeless tools and benefit from a modern understanding of rider and horse biomechanics that allow any rider (who believes it is possible) to create better rides through better communication with their horse.

Whether your goals “simply” include ...

-- safe, relaxed, enjoyable trail rides
-- dancing your way through a dressage test with lightness and ease
-- or improved gaits and balance

… Any horse & rider partnership can use these tools to unlock their own “magic.”

Who Are Dr. Maria's Clinics for?

  • Trail Riders
  • Competitors
  • Dressage Riders
  • Hunter/Jumper Riders
  • Eventers
  • Polo Players
  • Reiners & Ropers
  • Working Horses
  • Western Dressage
  • Pleasure Riders
  • And anyone who wants better communication and partnership with their horse

Common Issues that can be Addressed:

  • Refusal to stand while mounting
  • ​Shying & Spooking
  • ​Rearing
  • ​Bolting
  • ​Refusal to jump
  • ​Bucking
  • ​Lack of energy/refusal to move forward
  • ​Rehabilitation program to help with injuries

Horses with Dr. Maria

Clinic Format and Details

Clinics with Dr. Maria are about the partnership with the horse, first and foremost.

Each horse/rider pair has 4 private sessions with Dr. Maria that are tailored to the needs of that individual partnership.

The first session is to evaluate horse and rider, sometimes together, sometimes separately, and create the gameplan for helping them get the most out of the clinic together.
  • Sometimes Dr. Maria will ride in the first session
  • Sometimes she'll have the rider ride
  • Sometimes the focus is on in-hand work to address specific physiological or confidence issues
  • And sometimes, a different plan will emerge all-together
This work is not always about the riding - It's about creating the communication and foundation that makes every other goal a possibility.

Dr. Maria's overarching philosophy is that when riders understand and are equipped to act on their responsibility to their horses, they are equipped to create magic together.

Clinic Details

  • Clinic starts at 8:30am daily and typically run until 5pm with a 40 minute break for refreshments/lunch
  • Light refreshments will be provided for riders and auditors - however please pack a lunch and any additional snacks you might enjoy
  • Restrooms available on site
  • ​On site stabling available @ $25/day (recommended for the horse’s benefit)
  • ​Riders to provide hay/feed
Due to the structure of the clinic, where every rider receives 4 private sessions with Dr. Maria, clinic participants are limited to 5 horses/riders

Because of that, Dr. Maria makes every effort to put together groups of riders who will benefit most from learning together. 

To participate as a rider, Dr. Maria asks that you fill out the application that follows this, so she can ensure you get the most from your clinic time.


For Auditors: Auditing Dr. Maria’s clinics is an experience in itself. Dr. Maria includes exercises specifically for auditors, helping them imprint, retain, and experience much of the information being shared in the clinic lessons, so that they can take a new level of awareness home to their own horses and riding.

Auditors are limited to 30 per day. On-site/day-of registration is available, but pre-registration is greatly appreciated. 

Clinic cost:
$600 for riders (includes both days); $75/day for Auditors (with a 30% discount one registers to audit both days)

**  There is no cost to fill out the rider application. Once your registration has been reviewed, a 30% deposit will be requested to hold you place in the clinic.  The balance of the clinic fee will be collected on site.  **

RSVP to Audit or Apply to Ride below!

Can't make it to the June clinic?

Dr. Maria is also hosting clinics throughout the year up and down the East Coast (as well as abroad). For details on upcoming clinics (or to host  your own on-site clinic with Dr. Maria) please click here to email her directly.

OR - Get a Head Start with the Philosophy...

Dr. Maria has recently opened her online course center to share her unique blend of Classical horsemanship, modern learning theory, horse & rider biomechanics with anyone who wishes to learn. 

The first installment of her online program, Creating Magic, is available for purchase and includes lifetime access to the material. 

This program was originally recorded as a set of private interviews for a business mastermind, after a student saw the multitude of parallels between Maria's approach to creating magic with our horses and what it takes to create magic in all areas of life - with or without horses.

This program is the perfect way to deepen your understanding of the philosophy behind the way Dr. Maria teaches - even if you can't join us in person.

Whether you're too far away to attend, or simply have other commitments the weekend of the clinic, we invite you to consider her online program, Creating Magic: Step 1, where you'll go deep into the philosophy of what it means to come to the horse as a friend - in the way they see friendship.
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